Feb 11, 2011


My lobster pierced earrings are main role.


・What is your favorite movie?
赤い風船(Le Ballon Rouge)

・Do you have any respect to specific person when you are teenager? Who is that?
Joan Jett

・Blood type

・What is your first buying music(CD,LP,Cassetle,I-pod)?
’ハエ男’森高千里(Fly man by Chisato Moritaka)

・Any difference between you and the other.

・Does your cloth have a secret? Could you tell us about it secretly?
I wanna try little color.
・How was your most impressive styling(coordination)?
Classical like ninahagen

・What will be your fashion point(or key) in 20 years later?
Maybe no change,,,

・How many clothes do you have?
If I count, about 100.


・If you have something anybody unhold, Could you tell about it?
I picked up GAL clothing from a bargain an underground shopping center

Tops: H&M
Bottom: H&M
Accesory: TOP SHOP and Handmade
Shoes: 109

Name: PERI   
Occupation: Stylist / DJ                                                                                                                                                             
Place: Aoyama