Feb 13, 2011


I chose faint, loose and girlish clothings.

She is fluffy.
I think there are few of such a person, but she is one of the most.
I often see that she's got a long skirt.
It is so attractive of her accessory and coordination balance.




・What is your favorite movie?
I can't decide best one. Burlesque was interesting, recently.

・Blood type
A; O

・What is your first buying music(CD,LP,Cassetle,I-pod)?
I guess it was KinKi Kids(laugh.

・What will be your fashion point(or key) in 20 years later?
A; I can't imagine my age 43 years old, I wanna wear what I like that time.

・How many clothes do you have?
I have never count,, but my room is filled up with my clothing,,,.

・If you have something anybody unhold, Could you tell about it?
Alomost clothes are vintage. So I guess anybody doesn't have.

Top: Knit (KINJI)
Bottoms: Skirt (KINJI)
Dress: overgarment (KINJI)
Accessory: Ribbon (KINJI)
Bag: (KINJI)
Shoes: Internet

Name: ManaPiyon
Age: 23
Occupation KINJI
Place: Harajuku Jingu-mae 3chome