Feb 16, 2011


In my case, I have no sense to express or message with wearing clothing.
I have expression or message to make something.
So, I say my coordination is about my feeling.
Anyway, I wanna enjoy.



・What is your favorite movie?
The Big Lebowski

・Do you have any respect to specific person when you are teenager? Who is that?
Oi Punks from England

・Blood type

・What is your first buying music(CD,LP,Cassetle,I-pod)?
沢田研二 勝手にしやがれ(Kachutenishiyagare by Kenji Sawada)

・Any difference between you and the other.
I don't know. People decide.

・How was your most impressive styling(coordination)?
Dirty styling when I was respecting homeless.

・What will be your fashion point(or key) in 20 years later?
Farmer's look. Honestly, I wanna do farmyard.

・How many clothes do you have?
Five of Hanger rack and One closet.

・If you have something anybody unhold, Could you tell about it?
Nazi Germany leather jacket. It is Repulica means someone hold already.
That's why Army Jacket which two designers made army Jacket for my birthday.

Inner: .efiLevol
Bottom: .efiLevol
Accesoary: .efiLevol
Shoes: .efiLevol
Denim Cap:.efiLevol

Name: Akutu
Age: 34
Occupation: .efiLevol  Designer/Director
Place: Shibuya-ku Jinnan 1chome